Music & the Mind by Luna Artist Wolf Critton


So much is happening in today’s world, from politics, global warming, and violence it sometimes feels overwhelming. I find myself literally holding my breath for a moment’s peace. Some people even have trouble sleeping from the tremendous anxiety, after just watching the news. However if you pay close attention to our habits, most of us seek solace in music.

Whether angry, sad or happy we tend to associate music with the current feelings we are going through at that very moment. Music is one of the most powerful forms of therapy we have. As a fellow Luna Tribe Member, I’m here to attest to playing my Luna in the most stressful of times as well as the happiest. Take a moment to tune out of the chaos and tune into your heart. Mind you in Iraq when I was in my trailer and heard bombs going off Around me, I was sitting on my bed playing my guitar louder (so I know what I’m talking about). Not only will you have a calm mind but it will reflect on the people you see and converse with in everyday life. With that being said, in its own beautiful way will help calm the community we engage daily.

Your world is exactly what you make it and you choose the universe that orbits your everyday life. So next time you hear “Music can change the world” you’ll know exactly what it means. A melody that soothes us can be a tune we hum in our heads the whole day. Most society feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and sadly it is. However is that really a bad thing? As singer/songwriters we have a chance to reach a part of people only music can touch. I’ve listened too many of Luna Tribes Artists and your music is powerful as well as an inspiration for me. That inspiration in itself gets me through my day; imagine what it does for your friends and family.

We all have a responsibility to let others know they are not alone and that your here to lift the world with them. Besides who can argue with heartfelt music?

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About Author

Meet Wolf Critton, an Iraq veteran and Connecticut based singer-songwriter who is breathing proof. Music started out as a therapeutic way of finding his voice and the result were songs that are honest, authentic and compelling.