5 Tips to Cope with Stress for Beginner Musicians


Just like every other profession and career, music can also be quite a stressful one. Especially for beginner musicians. It is not always about strumming those beautiful chords on your sweet-sounding Henna Dragon acoustic guitar. There is a great level of stress in music, it doesn’t matter if you are a world-famous rock star or an unknown and beginning musician trying to practice your instrument in the corner of your home. Music is stressful and that’s why we cover five tips to deal with the stress of a music career as a beginner musician.

1. Take Responsibility and Look After Yourself

This is very important because this is where most of the stress management is rooted. As a beginner musician, it is good to have supporting hands, but it is necessary you understand that your welfare and overall health are your sole responsibility. Like the cliché saying goes, if you do not look after yourself, there is a big chance that no one else will. On the top of your list should be things and activities designed towards making your music career/life better and easier for you. Although you are just starting out with your music career and might be tempted to do so much, make sure to have adequate rest, consistent and on-time medical check-ups, and always watch out for signs that your body is doing too much. Often, these signs are obvious, so take care of them before they become a problem. You are beginning a long and eventful journey as a musician, let your wellness be your sole responsibility.

2. Don’t Overwork or Underrate Sleep; Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sadly, we are in a society where overworking and stress-filled habits are being celebrated while, on the other hand, we give little regard to rest and sleep. Overworking is unhealthy, both for your mental and physical health. It is better to take brief breaks in between than go all marathons. It doesn’t matter if you are recording an 18-track album in the studio or trying to rehearse your scales on your new shiny Moonbird Banjo, always avoid the temptation of working without taking some rest. The goal is to work smart and not hard. Hard work rarely yields results, hard work stresses you. Invest in high-quality musical instruments and gadgets that will help make music a little less hard for you. The key takeaway here is to avoid hard work (without breaks), work smart, and always take some rest.

3. Engage in Only What You Truly Love

Music is quite big, and you cannot do everything. The goal is to identify that niche that truly makes you feel good and give all your time to it. Don’t go into music production if you truly don’t love it. If your passion is for the Cajon, then don’t go for the piano or guitar. Find the other musicians to play the other instruments. Going for what you do not love will automatically heighten your stress level. On the safe side, engage only in what makes your heartbeat.

4. Incorporate Exercise in Your Daily Routine

Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can give your body. You mustn’t neglect this aspect of your life. Get creative and incorporate exercise in your daily routines as a musician. Just as rehearsing your scales and arpeggios is good for your musicianship, exercising your body always keeps your stress level down. It doesn’t have to be all complex, it can be as simple as twisting or wriggling your wrists before playing your guitar or drum sets. Avoid sitting too much, where the case permits, stand up and walk around a bit. Exercise calms not only your nerves but your entire body and thus prepares you for whatever you want to do. Let exercise be an important part of your daily schedule.

5. Know Your Limits; Do not be afraid to ask for help

As musicians there is a lot to do. From composing, rehearsing, recording, promotion, release, merch, and every other thing, there is always a handful to do for musicians. Especially unsigned and growing musicians. However, don’t be tempted to get your hands on more than you can handle, as this will directly result in stress. Keep your stress level low by knowing when to employ some help. You might be on a budget but being wise about what you should do and shouldn’t do is important to not just staying stress-free but also succeeding as a musician.

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