Laser-Etched Henna Dragon Cajon Takes Percussion to a Creative New Level


For centuries, these Peruvian percussion instruments have played a key supporting role in the history of music. Luna Cajons are crafted to bolster all aspects of the performance, from visual aesthetics to functionality to comfort. With the Henna Dragon Cajon, the power of this instrument is at the drummer’s fingertips, while the inspiration comes from the laser-etched Henna Dragon that’s fully displayed around the birch body. The player is in control both rhythmically and stylistically, with the ability to switch up their sound using the on-off knob for the built-in snare.

This all-birch cajon measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep, with a comfortable 19-inch height and rounded edges. Players can easily access the steel knob to switch the built-in snare on and off. The cajon’s soundhole has been carefully positioned for optimal projection and microphone placement, if desired. The combination of high-quality birch, sturdy construction, and accessibility yields excellent tonal definition and articulation, from bass thuds and snare slaps to syncopated finger taps.

Combined with the rich history of the cajon, the Henna Dragon Cajon is a percussive instrument that honors multiple traditions and looks as good as it sounds. The dragon has held a prominent role in many cultures for its spiritual meaning, sharing its aura of courage to those who need it most, strength to prevail, and protection from danger. Designed by UK henna artist Alex Morgan, the Henna Dragon is elegant, yet powerful, and spreads its wings majestically around all four sides of the cajon to create an eye-catching enclosure.

Whether they’re accompanying traditional Latin music with fast-paced flair or leading the rhythm section on a laid-back acoustic cover song, players will enjoy the dynamic percussive sounds of the Henna Dragon Cajon. Luna includes a branded gigbag with adjustable straps and a front pocket for easy road travel, as well as a soft foam pad for longtime playing comfort.

The Henna Dragon Cajon heads to retail stores by February at an affordable MAP of $149. Learn more and get a closer look at

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