Henna Dragon Ukuleles Offer New Elegant & Artistic Touch


One good thing that came out of 2020 was the introduction of the Henna Dragon design, which was first featured on an acoustic guitar. Capturing the power and majesty of the mystical dragon on road-ready instruments, Luna added the Henna Dragon design to a variety of different ukuleles. Available in three body sizes Concert, Tenor and Baritone each with varying tonal depths, Henna Dragon Ukuleles have a laser-etched henna dragon design and a slotted headstock that’s reminiscent of a classical nylon-stringed guitar. Luna includes a built-in pre-amp to convey the warm tones of the all-mahogany body. Whether the player is just embarking on their musical career or looking to add something new to their acoustic repertoire, an instrument from the Henna Dragon Ukulele Series will support them along their journey.

For many cultures around the world the symbol of the dragon has differing spiritual meanings mainly surrounding strength to prevail and protection from danger. Even experienced players can benefit from a confidence boost, and the Henna Dragon Ukulele Series delivers with instruments that are both visually appealing and sonically captivating. The three body sizes offer different scale lengths: the 15-inch concert, the 17-inch tenor, and the 20.2” baritone. Each ukulele is built with an all-mahogany body that provides a  vibrant, warm tone that varies in depth depending on the instrument’s size. The henna dragon design by UK henna artist Alex Morgan is delicately laser-etched onto the mahogany top, which has an open-pore natural finish that further improves the instrument’s resonance.

You can’t miss the Henna Dragon Ukes from a mile away with their elegant slotted headstock which, on a small-body instrument, improves the articulation of the Aquila Super Nylgut strings. The headstock is topped off with a Satin Natural finish and Luna’s insignia. The Henna Dragon Ukuleles also have a set-neck construction that further enhances the transfer of vibrational energy between the body and mahogany neck. Luna’s pearloid moon inlays add a signature touch to the 19-fret pau ferro fingerboard. The 1 ⅜-inch nut width, combined with a traditional C-shaped neck, provides a comfortable playing experience. Reliable open-gear chrome button tuners offer tuning stability and a polished, finishing touch.

Keeping it simple and effective, the Luna UK-T2 preamp with onboard tuner delivers easy amplification, on and off the big stage. Players can quickly dial in their sound with this discrete system, which preserves the natural look and tone of the instruments. Designed for the stage, but perfectly suited for a campfire, each Henna Dragon Ukulele comes with a gig bag to protect the purchase and keep spirits soaring.

Offering rich sonic character with an inspiring artistic flair, the Henna Dragon Ukulele Series delivers instruments that serve as powerful allies on a player’s musical journey. The dragon will be in retail stores in April and will have MAP prices of $169 for the Concert, $189 for the Tenor, and $199 Baritone.

Learn more and get a closer look at www.lunaguitars.com.

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