Luna Guitars Proudly Sponsors Guitar Cloud Symposium’s “Beginner Boot Camp” on May 15th


Tampa, Florida (May 6, 2021) –It starts with getting a guitar — and we know hundreds of thousands of instruments have been sold during the pandemic — but then it takes inspiration, ambition, and guidance to keep a new guitarist enthralled with playing.

Jennifer Batten’s Guitar Cloud Symposium addresses this critical need by offering an online Beginner Bootcamp starting at 9:00 am PST on May 15. The Beginner Bootcamp not only provides players with the tools they need to become better guitarists, but also gives a solid foundation and encouragement to sustain their love for the guitar.

As an added bonus, Adam Roach of the popular Become a Guitarist Today website and podcast, is gifting ALL Beginner Boot Camp students with a FREE follow up 10-week beginner’s video course so they can continue their exploration of the guitar.

“It’s important that anyone new to the guitar gets proper training and enough little successes to really enjoy playing,” says Batten. “Students can rest assured that the Guitar Cloud Symposium team will nurture player’s inner musician with short easy to comprehend modules on basic foundational skills to get new guitarists set up in the right direction. These new skills will be put to use immediately as they’ll be able to play 4 songs by the end of the day!”

The May 15 Beginner Boot Camp instructors and lesson plans are:

Jennifer Batten: Basic rhythm, pick technique, open chords, and more. Bonus Q&A session and how to play “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson).

Vicki Genfan: Basic strumming and fingerpicking, reading tab, and more. Bonus Q&A session and how to play “Love Me Do” (The Beatles).

Daniele Gottardo: Hand position, barre chords, befriending the metronome, and more. Bonus Q&A session and how to play “Duece” (KISS).

Gretchen Menn: Essential theory, notes on the neck, effective practicing, and more. Bonus Q&A session and how to play “Whole Lotta Love” (Led Zeppelin).

Guitar Cloud Symposium’s Beginner Boot Camp is sale priced at $49 (which includes support material downloads plus Adam Roach’s FREE follow up 10 week video course). The May 15 classes are from 9:00 am PST until 2:45 pm PST, with five-minute breaks between each course and a 30 min lunch break.


Guitar Cloud Symposium (GCS) is an all-new virtual guitar mastery program, and the brainchild of Jennifer Batten. GCS was born from her desire to empower the modern musician with lessons learned from her decade-long world tours with Michael Jackson, playing alongside guitar icon Jeff Beck, and years of recording, teaching, and performing in a multitude of environments.

One of the early graduates of Musicians Institute (MI), Batten was also an instructor, and she became known for her musical versatility, creativity, and innovation, as well as her excellence in guitar education. Jennifer Batten’s Guitar Cloud Symposium instructors are personally vetted by Batten and meet her rigorous criteria. The Guitar Cloud Symposium brings students of all levels a mix of techniques, styles, wisdom, insights, and fun!

In addition to inspirational teachers such as Batten, Vicki Genfan, Gretchen Menn, Daniele Gottardo, Greg Koch, Pete Thorn, and Kat Dyson, the roster of Guitar Cloud Symposium instructors is quickly growing to include many world-class guitarists of all styles and techniques. Instructors offer a wealth of knowledge from their onstage experience, in the recording studio, and from their years of teaching musical subjects they are passionate about. Their desire is to connect with players around the globe and help students unlock their creative potential. All modules are supported by downloadable folders from each educator.

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