Why small guitars don’t mean less quality


In today’s world, we have seen almost all things humans use grow smaller as our knowledge of the universe grows bigger.  Our favorite gadgets, an overhead limit of 8 second clips in internet content, even songs on the radio show the world is becoming more concise!  There are many ways we as striving musicians can bend with this new tiny trend of “all small”, but one theme that seems to be standing out more and more is the use of the “Travel Guitar”. Commonly, these tiny tune-makers seem to lead buyers to believe they should second guess the quality of the instrument, due to its size; however, there are many reasons why small does not mean “less quality.”  Less is more they always say!

There are many benefits of cutting down your guitar’s size. One of the main reasons why one might strike up a friendship with one of these baby guitars is that they are lighter for travel. If you are a bustling musician on the go, like me, you will love the way they don’t weigh you down. Since they are so lightweight, they are also very conducive to on-the-spot-jam sessions.  These guitars can go with you everywhere!

Check out Luna’s Safari line for some great “travel size” options with amazing sound.  Many guitarists can agree that the underlying question of “quality” being cut short in these guitars is a myth.  The same dimensions and sound influence from your favorite big body guitar can be found in “fun size” and transferred to a more adventure friendly style.  The use of Travel size guitars is a trend that has been rolling along for a while, with wanderlust musicians taking over the world, it’s no wonder less means more!


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