Songwriting & the Inspiration Within


Whether it be through yoga, a long walk, a song on the radio or a simple conversation, We all find inspiration at some point. Songwriting is born of this simple and undeniable truth that every one of us all hit the occasional “Writers Block”. The amount of frustration that follows from this symptom can sometimes be unbearable.

Over the last few years of gigs and traveling I’ve had very rare opportunities, to sit down and speak with some successful Singers. I was able to pick up one tip that’s helped me make the most out of my writing and I’m hear today to share it with you….TAKE YOUR TIME. Rushing a song that ultimately comes from your heart is like playing a guitar without strings. The universe has a way of revealing its message to us all and there’s no way we can hear it if we are overwhelmed. How can we possibly reach ears and hearts with a song we didn’t take the time to genuinely appreciate?

There are some days that I’ll find myself in total seclusion, finding meditation and simply strumming my Luna Guitar with a hot cup of coffee and the next verse suddenly reveals itself. If you can’t find the right words, let the right words find you. MUSIC my fellow tribe members deserves your contribution to the world. Give it your best by loving and feeling every note you create.


About Author


Luna Guitars is a line of exotic instruments, made for musicians of all ages and styles of play, that are tastefully crafted to engage minds, spirits and talent. Whether you are wanting to embrace the neo Ukulele movement, looking for a perfectly imbued travel guitar, or are simply looking to set your artistry ablaze with individuality from our Acoustic Guitars line, we stand behind you. For children, we also offer a line up Ukuleles, Electric Guitars, and Acoustics for that budding new talent. Designed by artists for artists. Create something beautiful with Luna.