Areg & Friends: Guitar Travelers take their talents to Armenia & Georgia


Areg & Friends take their Luna Instruments to Armenia & Georgia

By Anna Manvelyan
November 2017

Music has always been a huge part of all of us: we listen to music while doing our studies, while editing photos, while eating and chatting. It brightens up our days and we have a huge amount of enjoyment just thinking about creating or listening to music. In August 2017, we went on a road trip across Armenia and Georgia.

Areg & Friends take their Luna Instruments to Armenia & Georgia

This trip brought together four people and four Luna instruments, and we had the opportunity and time to play and sing our favorite songs. Due to the hustle and bustle of our regular city lives, we don’t usually have that much time to savor this feeling of our fingers strumming the strings and the sense of pride we get when we finish a song and listen to the sound of the last notes fading.

Areg & Friends take their Luna Instruments to Armenia & Georgia

We took our Ukuleles and Guitars by Luna everywhere we went: mountains, lakes, busy streets and empty alleys. Our Luna instruments were the perfect addition to each new scene and filled us with coziness and joy. At that point, our instruments were more than a tool, but rather a definition of who we present ourselves as, something that reminded us of home and something we could hold on to.

Areg & Friends take their Luna Instruments to Armenia & Georgia

The first thing I thought of as I started writing this is how we tried recording something for the first time during our trip. We were on a high hill and all we had were a guitar and our voices. We placed the recorders, set up the cameras and started to sing. And even though there were some challenges with recording (strong wind, an itchy nose or a huge mosquito flying around your head can definitely spoil the shot), despite all of that, we had the best time. The sunset was enormously beautiful, the soft sound of our favorite guitar playing and birds singing all came together to create the most incredible memories.

Rennie, Anna, Irina - Little Kids (Kings of Convenience cover)

They say people remember their experiences in feelings, and the feeling I can recall looking back at that moment was happiness.

Areg & Friends take their Luna Instruments to Armenia & Georgia

With love,

Anna Manvelyan

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