Ukulele Sizes & Shapes – Finding the Perfect Uke Body Shape for You


You’re in the market for a new ukulele but you’re not sure which one to buy – there are so many ukulele sizes! Where do you start? For new ukulele enthusiasts this is totally understandable and a common question. Let Luna Guitars put you on the right track!

Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano Ukulele is easily the most common type of ukulele many people see today. Due to its small nature and light size, soprano ukuleles are perfect for beginners or players with smaller hands being that the frets are closer together. Soprano ukuleles are most commonly tuned at GCEA. One can expect brighter and softer tone with every strum.

Concert Ukulele

The Concert Ukulele is the slightly bigger sibling to soprano ukuleles. With a fuller tone and longer profile than the sopranos, the concert uke allows for more room between the frets. Today, this type of ukulele is one of the most popular body shapes among ukulele enthusiasts, with sopranos making a close 2nd. You’ll find enthusiasts such as Grace VanderWaal on NBC’s America’s Got Talent playing the Uke Tattoo Electric Concert Mahogany. From exotic woods to signature designs, each Luna ukulele is carefully crafted to inspire.

Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukuleles are a little larger and heavier but project tone much better than concert ukuleles. The larger size allows for more space along the neck and wider frets, making this uke handy for fingerpicking. For ukulele artists, this body style is the preferred choice simply due to those looking for richer tone and easier access to the upper fret registry. Tenor ukes are still an excellent choice for children, beginners or pros.

Baritone Ukulele

Think of the Baritone ukulele as the uke family’s biggest sibling and often times used as a travel guitar. Baritone ukuleles have wider neck profiles which offer more room between the frets, allowing for a much deeper and full tone. These ukes are also great for fingerpicking and carrying the band with that low sound. It’s a wonderful choice for pros, beginners or children alike – expect strong playability! Create something beautiful with Luna Baritone Ukulele.

Hybrid Ukuleles – Hybrid ukuleles are of different nature and serving different purpose.

Bass Ukulele

A hybrid type of ukulele, Bass ukuleles are tuned to the same octave as a bass guitar and are essentially a small, acoustic version of a bass guitar. These ukuleles are 20.2″ scale length, featuring flatwound strings that are tuned to E-A-D-G like a traditional bass guitar – however one octave up. Bass ukuleles are fun to play – very easy to take on-the-go or practice anywhere!

Bari-Bass Ukulele

Built on a Baritone ukulele body, Bari-Bass ukuleles offer bass players an opportunity to add some deep tone to the band. Each Bari-Bass ukulele come standard with 20.2″ scale length – offered in a variety of wood options, walnut fingerboard and sturdy die-cast open gear tuners. Luna Ukes expands on our popular line of ukuleles to introduce Bari-Bass ukuleles, strung with Aquila Thundergut strings and equipped with a Fishman Clasica II Preamp system. Open to all levels of ukulele players; take this unique uke with you everywhere you go!

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