Rick Springfield Endorses the Luna Steel Magnolia Resonator Ahead of Launch


Luna Guitars Partners with Rick Springfield to Launch
Resonator Campaign

Tampa, FL – December 10th, 2018 – Luna Guitars, most commonly known for its creativity, added the 2019 Luna Steel Magnolia Resonator to the bluegrass line on December 2018. Gaining the likes of legendary artists such as Rick Springfield, the Steel Magnolia Resonator guitar offers a distinguished look and stunning physique while allowing musicians an opportunity to release their creative intuition with the variety of tonal options and features. With the Piezo and the built-in magnetic pickup, resonator players have the option to play acoustically, electrically or blend them both to create a wide range of sounds.

Luna Steel Magnolia Resonator

“The Luna Resonator is a sexy guitar. Its swampy and authentic sound was ideal for the songs on my album The Snake King,” said Rick Springfield. “The attention to detail on the guitar is superb and the sonic choices are varied and cool. I play this beautiful thing every night in our live show.”

Given Luna’s design-inspired complexion, the engraving on the resonator body speaks volumes on and off the stage. A laser-etched magnolia flower is located delicately on the front around the f-holes and spread out on the back of the body. The magnolia flower represents a love of nature, which is a common theme that can be associated with other Luna instruments including the popular Vista Series.

“The Luna Tribe embodies ukulele enthusiasts, guitarists and now we are excited to offer expand on the bluegrass line with the return of the Luna Resonator, which offers the Tribe [Luna owners] more tonal variety to add to their music, particularly for our blues and country players,” said Adam Gomes, Director of Marketing & Artist Relations at Luna Guitars. “When shopping for a higher-priced specialty guitar like a resonator, consumers will be satisfied knowing the Steel Magnolia has already received many positive reviews.”

A demonstration video as well as additional photography can be found on the Luna Guitars website. For more information regarding the Luna Steel Magnolia Resonator visit www.lunaguitars.com/resonator. For more information regarding “The Snake King” album or Rick Springfield visit, www.rickspringfield.com.

Features include:

• Chrome Plated Metal Body – Parlor Size

• Chrome / Gold Finishes

• 3 Abalone & Gold Knobs; Volume, Tone & Blend 

• Lipstick / Piezo Pickup System

• Laser Etched Magnolia Design Front/Back   

• Case Option Available: LL FP   

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