Luna Annual Memo 2017-2018


Time has shown that music serves a greater purpose to society than just bringing happiness to both musicians and listeners. From artists to organizations big and small, last year we saw people come together to attend benefit concerts and donate to various causes after, especially during some of the worst natural disasters the world has seen.

Many were left without shelter and supplies after several unfortunate natural disasters struck Texas, Florida, California, and Puerto Rico. During the aftermath we saw the world come together for grievance via social media, console one another and lift each other up through various acts of kindness.

In October 2017, Luna spearheaded benefit concert alongside the Sergeant Shredder Band to assist those that fell victim to natural disasters. All proceeds went to the American Red Cross. However, charity work for Luna did not stop there.

During the summer of 2017 Luna Guitars partnered with iHeartMedia for Guitar-B-Que in Nashville and donated several guitars that were signed by artists and raffled off, with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Similarly, in November of 2017 we partnered with Beasley Broadcast Group for Guitar Pull and donated guitars that were also signed and raffled off with proceeds going to a variety of charities including St Jude’s, Shriner’s Hospital and Spark the Way.

Just recently Luna partnered with Musician’s On Call to help raise money for the organization to continue bringing live music to folks that are bedridden in hospitals. And for the past few years, Luna has donated ukuleles to Habilitat, a non-profit in Hawaii that helps victims of substance abuse, which were raffled at an annual event. Those are just a few charities.

As 2018 begins, we wish nothing more than peace and prosperity in the world but we know there will always be folks in need of help. The Luna Tribe embodies the definition of community and the concept of people helping people. As an instrument manufacturer, we are going to do what we can to help make people be the best they can be. Follow Luna on the journey through 2018 as we already have a few charity-partnerships lined up and more to come!

Yours truly,

Adam Gomes
Director of Marketing & Artist Relations
Luna Guitars

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